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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVA / NOU.
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Subdivisions below: Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Army,
Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, Naval Reserve & Navy.
The military of all other countries are on another page.
See also Military postal history.


We include here its predecessors: the US Army Air Corps,
the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) & WASP's.

CocaCola_Aviation6Examples-200small.jpg USAF memorabilia available from Judnick.com
"AMERICA'S / FIGHTING PLANES / in action / A SET OF 20 PLANES / IN FULL COLOR / PRESENTED WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR COCA-COLA BOTTLER / LITHO IN U.S.A." complete set of twenty 3-1/2" x 3" cards, each with Coca Cola advertising & brief description on back identifying the plane, types of missions & areas of operation worldwide. Examples shown top row, left-to-right: typical back from the A-36 'Invader' attack bomber over the low countries in Europe; B-25 'Mitchell' medium bomber attacking shore positions in the Far East; & P-40 'Warhawk' attacking Zeros in the Pacific Theater. Shown second row, left-to-right: C-69 'Constellation' transport releasing paratroopers behind enemy lines; P-38 'Lightning' attacking enemy aircraft; & P-70 'Havoc' night fighter on an intrusion mission. The ideal gift for a retired US Army Air Force veteran that you know. Two of these items (the 2 at the upper left above) were bent while in storage; the others are in excellent condition. SOLD RECENTLY ca(m)m(a)

"Cape Kennedy / Florida" showing U.S.A.F. Martin's Titan as it blasts off for a trip down the Atlantic Missile Range, chrome, mailed but fresh appearance. $1.25 m

Mississippi_KeeslerField_ChowCall.jpg (160518 bytes)"CHOW CALL AT KEESLER FIELD, BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI 129" linen dated 1942 by writing on back, slight yellowing of the paper with age, Army Air Force days. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format $1.50 mm(a)*

Mississippi_KeeslerField_Gate.jpg (140752 bytes)"Gate #1 at Keesler Field, Biloxi, Miss. / K4609" The Air Force base there, unused linen from Emrich News Agency, slight yellowing of the paper with age. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mm(a)

"IT'S 'PLANE' TO SEE I'M JUST THRILLED / BEING IN THE AIR CORPS! // AND EVERYTHING / IS RIGHT ON THE BEAM! // 453" unused circa-1942 Colourpicture line postcard, good edges, light toning on back near the edges. Surprisingly hard to find, especially at this price! $4.50 m(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

"K2HYG" Stephenville Air Station Newfoundland QSL post card on brownish stock used 1958 by operator Jim Williams, trivial wear to one corner. This radar station operated from 1951 to 1971; at this time it was assigned to the USAF Air Defense Command. $2.00 n(s)m(u)

Mississippi_KeeslerAFB_AirForce.jpg (125294 bytes)
"K5TYP" shortwave (28.460 MHz) Keesler Air Force Base Amateur Radio Club QSL postcard used 1991. Attractive artwork for their 50th anniversary. Base is in Mississippi. $2.50 mm(a)**

Leather_K5EWJ-200_small.jpg Air Force QSL postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"K5EWJ" leather Carswell Air Force Base Texas QSL post card with attractive longhorn graphic, mailed at Fort Worth 1964 by operator Willis R. 'Cookie' Cooke, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink on front do not detract. Formerly the Griffiss Air Force Base, this Strategic Air Command facility closed in 1994. $2.50 lt(c)m(a)

"KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE, BILOXI, / MISSISSIPPI / THE ELECTRONICS CENTER OF THE / UNITED STATES AIR FORCE" showing the exterior of a classroom building, unused Mirro-Krome® post card from a color photo by Wally Hill, excellent condition. $2.50 m(k)m(a)

"KP4AIO / EX. W8DVS W8OSL W4LIU ..." Ramey Air Force Base QSL post card with map of the island on front, used 1959 by operator Jules W. Wenglare (1938th AACS Squadron), slight bend at 2 corners, otherwise fresh. $2.00 pm(a)m

"LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE / San Antonio, Texas / (Upper) Newly arrived Air Force trainees march / to barbershop ... / ... " (Below) After leaving barbershop 'skinheads' / read instruction booklets." multiview postcard mailed there 1983 by David to his grandparents Mr & Mrs James Chase in Mayfield Ohio. $3.75 bg(c)t(l)m

"LIGHTS BURN LATE IN AIR CORPS TECHNICAL SCHOOL, KEESLER FIELD, MISS." showing white-border era postcard from Gulfport Printing Company, writing on back dates to 1942, fresh appearance, good edges. This shows several long low buildings that are probably barracks with the lights burning to suggest the studying activity then taking place.  A road with a couple of parked cars is in the foreground. $3.75 m(k)m(a)*+%

National Defense (December 1995) magazine published by the American Defense Preparedness Association, with a cover story on airborne recon & drone technology, gently read, 48 pages. $1.50 the full issue

National Defense (October 1995), magazine published by the American Defense Preparedness Association, with a cover story on pollution prevention in the Air Force worldwide. Complete issue, gently read, 58 pages. $1.50 the full issue

AviationPropeller_ScandanavianMissionary-200_small.jpg Air Force QSL photos available from Judnick.comSCANDINAVIAN MISSIONARY FLIGHTS. "SM8BD / Nordiskt Missionsflygs flygplan >Ansgar>" real photo postcard converted to a Stockholm QSL viewcard, showing the Douglas DC-3 Dakota aircraft (SE-APG) of Scandinavian Mission Flights & SSA logo on front, documenting a 1947 contact by operator Bengt Lindström, QSL bureau backstamp in violet 17 APR 1948. Two tape remnants on back, corner crease, internal crease, fingerprint toning on front--all of no consequence to its truly rare & historic value. Named after the patron saint of Denmark, this plane flew Danish women missionaries / refugees from Manchuria in October of 1946. It did not long fly for their service. Previously, while serving in the US Air Force, this plane was 'Haystack Annie' which flew air support on D-day. Should not last long at $35.00. a(p)rdms

"THINGS ARE SURE / 'LOOKIN UP' / FOR ME! // AV206  ©MWM" linen Bursheen post card conveying with its bordering-on-the-risqué art the novelty of women in Army aviation. Mailed free by Private Nolan 'Nolie' Johnson (in Squadron 376) FEB 12 1943 at Keesler Field in Mississippi to his friend Miss Mary Burkhart in Wapakoneta Ohio. 'Buy War Bonds and Stamps' printed below back message area. The sender ate well: he reported having turkey for lunch & strawberries for supper -- undoubtedly the former from Arkansas & the latter from California (given the time of year). He was 'taking calisthenics again' & reported moving around a lot. The sender closed with the observation that Judy Canova was there -- an actress who launched her own radio show in 1943 which lasted some 12 years. The postcard image was a reference to the Women's Flying Training Detachment (WFTD) & the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) both pioneering predecessors of the WASPs in the Army Air Corps. The ladies were experienced pilots who were used to primarily to ferry planes from the factories that made them to the airfields, freeing up men for combat missions. The WFTD & the WAFS existed briefly from September 10, 1942 until July 1943, so in our opinion the postcard image portraying the men's excitement over the Army women is almost as valuable as the message! $12.00 hm(a)s NEW / NOVA / NOU

"TITAN-USAF ICBM Missile, built by the Martin Co. / A 90 Ft. two-stage liquid propelled missile…" shown about to blast off, chrome postcard mailed 1960, light amount of cancel ink on front, long corner crease, mild edge wear. $1.00 m

"W4IYR" Langley AFB Virginia QSL card mailed 1959 from Society Hill by operator Alvah N. Cole Jr., 2 staple holes near one edge, long bottom corner crease, tiny upper corner creases. $1.25 v(l)m(a)

"W5HGA" QSL postcard mailed there 1963 by operator Captain Danny Smith (who was stationed at Dyess AFB), aviation graphics, a little cancel ink near the left front edge, tiny corner crease. $2.00 tm

QSL postcards & QSL cards explained

"WA0HRP" Grand Forks AFB North Dakota QSL card mailed 1964. $2.00 nm

"WN0RNN" Offutt Air Force Base Nebraska QSL card with US map design, mailed 1967 by operator Albert M. Flowers, small ink smears both sides. $1.50 nm

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See also US Air Force post cards (above this listing).

"Air Force / Reserve / ABOVE & BEYOND // 1-800-257-1212 www.afreserve.com" showing a C-17 Globemaster in flight, used for military airlifts; unused continental postcard advertising their website, near mint. (2 available) $1.25 each. a(m)m

"Air Force / Reserve / ABOVE & BEYOND // 1-800-257-1212 www.afreserve.com" showing a pair of A-10 Warthogs in flight, used for close air support; unused continental post card advertising their website, near mint. $1.25 a(m)m

Miliatry_USAirForceReserve_F-16-100.jpg (343126 bytes)"Air Force / Reserve / ABOVE & BEYOND // 1-800-257-1212 www.afreserve.com" showing an F-16 Fighting Falcon with a pilot on its wing, used for close air support or interdiction; unused continental postcard advertising their website, near mint. $1.25 a(m)mc

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See also US Army Reserve postcards, which appear after this pricelist.

PuertoRico_1909By-200_small.jpg Army postcards available from Judnick.com"© 1909 by Waldrop Photographic Co., San Juan, Porto Rico. / INFANTRY BARRACKS, SAN JUAN.  82803" unused early white-border era post card, toning & small shallow scrapes along the 2 short edges, toning & scrapes at the front corners. $2.50 pm(a)

Ohio_CampPerry_small.jpg (4130 bytes)

"113 Aeroplane View of Camp Perry, Ohio, on Lake Erie" Unused linen postcard, interesting. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 ocm

Ohio_CampPerry_114PortionOf-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com"114--Portion of Tented Area, Camp Perry, Ohio, on Lake Erie / 1A1166-N" circa 1941 post card, ink smear on back, corner crease at bottom not into image, internal crease from the top left just into the image, a bit of cancel ink in the lake & sky. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 o(c)cm

"13--Doughboy Stadium, the Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Ga. / 2707-30-N" its exterior of the recreational facility covered with ivy, dated in pencil 1929 on the back; white-border era postcard with legible writing in the message area on back. Ravaged by a tornado in 1954, & condemned by the Army Corps of Engineers in 2003. $3.00 g(f)sm(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

NewYork_WestPoint_19Company-100.jpg (276301 bytes)"19. COMPANY INSPECTION. WEST POINT, N. Y." also including a tent at the encampment in an inset oval; post card mailed there 1909 to Miss Philica Hughes in Dubuque Iowa, minor corner wear & rounding, several tiny spots of cancel ink in the upper front margin, tiny corner bend. $9.00 nmc!

Zeppelin_img031_small.jpg Army  post card available from Judnick.com"1912  AN OBSERVATION BALLOON OF U. S. Aerial Service, anchored to a vessel. / From this balloon the actions of the enemy under-sea boats are detected" showing a tethered balloon working from a ship, unused black & white postcard with good edges. This is the SC-1 (Signal Corps #1) of the US Army, while being tested at Fort Myer Virginia (hence, its access to the coastal waters), and operating from the first permanent military airfield in the United States. Excessively rare, there is no record of its likes being offered anywhere else on the Internet. It is astonishing that testing of a then-new military capability from a then-new military installation would receive any publicity at all in print; we speculate that the military censors put the kibosh on this ill-considered idea rather quickly! $165.00 bvm(a)a(m) PRICE REDUCED RECENTLY

WorldWarI_2012_ArmyWorkout_small.jpg (4153 bytes)

"2012 A Workout on the Parade Ground" showing a group of uniformed men running together, white-border era postcard with writing on back, good edges. $4.00 wm

CAMP CROFT (SPARTANBURG COUNTY). "37th INFANTRY TRAINING BATTALION, CAMP CROFT, S. C." unused circa-1945 sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus & slight oxidation, published by E. C. Kropp, noticeable toning both sides, upper edge a little ragged. All that being said, it is rare. The only similar postcard that we could find -- not the same -- was in the Historical Collection of the Spartanburg Public Library. $12.00 s(c)m(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

"3 Million People viewed the Parade of the 27th Division" the crowd shown here assembled under a Navy Club welcoming banner (their exact location 509 Fifth Avenue, New York City) strung across the street, the Star Shoe Store at the extreme right; real photo postcard with very late usage at Donaldson Pennsylvania, tiny bit of corner knocked of top, very light toning. Troops of the US Army 27th Division (largely New York men) disembarked from the ocean liners Leviathan & Mauretania, and paraded up Fifth Avenue to celebrate the end of World War I. The caption is mute on the date, but it is March 25, 1919. See a movie of the event at the National Archives. History in your hands. $25.00 n(n)hm(a)pw NEW / NOVA / NOU

"400:-AERIAL VIEW OF FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON / 47488" unused linen post card with good edges from C. P. Johnston Co., lightly toned back. $1.75 wm

Iowa_Davenport_4411Entrance-200_small.JPG"4411-- / Entrance to / Rock Island / Arsenal. ' Davenport, Ia." as it looked circa 1904 - 1906, including a bridge in the distance; monochromatic green postcard with undivided back, back paper browning lightly & evenly with age, minor corner wear. Still an important & active US Army facility. $9.50 im

"46.  Bird's Eye View of Fort Riley from / Cemetery Hill, Fort Riley, Kan." showing the large US Army installation; postcard published by R. D. Thomen in Junction City, where it was mailed 1917 to Miss Imogene Crooker in Chicago Illinois, stamp removed, very light toning on back, trivial wear at one bottom corner. $4.00 k(f)m(a)


"91st Division / Memorial Monument Fort Lewis / Ellis / 7369" sepia-tone Ekc real photo post card, unused, back heavily toned by contact with other cards, front is fresh. $2.50 wm(a)

Zeppelin_AerialViewOf-200_small.jpg Army postcards available from Judnick.com"AERIAL VIEW OF SCOTT FIELD, BELLEVILLE, ILL.--1 / showing U. S. Army Airship RN-1" unused white-border era postcard, tiny upper corner crease, otherwise fairly fresh. Today this military airport is known as Scott Air Force Base. Rare: there are similarly captioned postcards that are common, so please check the image that you actually have. SALE IN PROGRESS zmia

Mexico_174_small.jpg military postcards available from Judnick.com"'Aguador,' Mexican water carrier. Most houses in Mexico have no running water and for drinking purposes / it is delivered each morning at a very low cost." postcard mailed OCT 1916 from Ysleta Texas (now a DPO) by a Fort Hancock (Troop C, Ohio Cavalry) soldier 'on our way to 50 miles of patrol duty along the Rio'; mild edge wear, partial cancel ink on front. According to Wikipedia, the post was rarely staffed by more than 60 men. It also claims that the post was abandoned in 1895, but this card proves otherwise. The Ohio Cavalry would go out on patrol from El Paso & Fort Hancock as much as 6 weeks at a time to cover 35-50 miles of border in the area of Fabens & Ysleta. Mexican border crossings were their concern. Military history in your hands! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(g)m(a)t(f)-t

Alabama_BrookleyField_Air-100.jpg (310862 bytes)"Air Depot Groups At Formal Inspection  111 / Brookley Field Mobile, Alabama" linen postcard from a photo by the Public Relations Office there, mailed 1958 at Speigner, faint small corner crease, faint small internal crease. At the time, part of the Army Air Corps. $2.00 a(b)m

"AN ARMY OF ONE // US. ARMY / RESERVE" example given is a 19-year-old woman pursuing journalism, unused continental freecard from maxracks, near mint. (3 available) $1.25 fm

Connecticut_Bridgeport_ArmoryFourth-100.jpg (290251 bytes)"Armory, Fourth Coast Artillery, / Bridgeport, Conn. / P-64360" showing the front exterior, postcard mailed 1918. The Coast Artillery Corps was a part of the US Army, and became the official and heraldic predecessor to the Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) gunnery and anti-air missile (Nike/Hercules) batteries of later days. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 cm(a)

"ARMY Song Book" 64-page booklet plus covers, slightly taller than a continental post card, published by order of the Secretary of War in 1941. All the verses to songs too numerous to mention, for the soldier. For example: Aloha Oe, Song of the Army Engineer, Goodnight Ladies, The Man on the Flying Trapeze, The Raw Recruit, and much more more. Soldier's name written neatly on front cover, very good condition. $6.00 mm(a)

Maryland_Fort_Mead_small.jpg (12637 bytes)

"A Street Scene in the Brick Section of Fort Geo. G. Meade, Md." Soldier's free mail postcard sent 1944. Still in use by the US Army. $2.75 m(f)m(a)%

Georgia_Atlant_AGFortMcPherson-200_small.JPG"Atlanta, Ga. Fort McPherson." showing a few people near the entrance to the Army post & a horse-drawn wagon, postcard with undivided back, from Tuck Series No. 2267, printed in Germany, mailed 1907 to Ohio, album marks at front corners, inconspicuous internal crease, one corner multiply creased, mild corner & edge wear. $4.75 gtm(a)

"A WET DAY / IN KELLY FIELD" in Texas circa-1917, sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard, minor corner wear & edge wear, toned back, slight curl to the paper (no problem in an album). Taken by the official staff photographer, Walter J. Binder, as we know from visiting the Special Collections & Archives of Eastern Kentucky University. Their example was the only other example we could find when searching the Internet, and theirs was definitely not for sale. $15.00 t(k)m(a)pc NEW / NOVA / NOU

Zeppelin_img021_small.jpg US Army postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"Baloon(sic) House, Ft. Omaha, Nebr." showing a crowd near its exterior, unused post card made in Germany, numbered 3592 in the address area, back paper browning with age, trivial corner & edge wear, faint album marks at the back corners. This structure was built in 1908 for the American Expeditionary Forces of the US Army, and became part of the Balloon School that ran there until 1917. Hard to find! $67.50 zwm(a)a(m)n

Alabama_Anniston_Zeppelin_Multiview-100.jpg (314293 bytes)"BARRACK, FIELD HOSPITAL AND OFFICERS QUARTERS, FT. MCCLELLAN, ANNISTON, ALA.--38" unused linen multiview post card with 5 scenes--including a blimp, tank & howitzer; lightly toned back. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 amz

Texas_CampBowie_Base-200_small.JPG"Base Hospital, Camp Bowie / Fort Worth Tex." sepia-tone real photo post card mailed 1917, cancel ink in sky, two corners with a tiny crease, another corner creased twice. Short lived, but some 100,000 Army soldiers trained there during World War I. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 t(c)mm(a)w

"BICYCLISTS' GROUP ON MINERVA TERRACE, / YELLOWSTONE PARK, 1896 / PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANK JAY HAYNES" showing a group of 8 black Buffalo soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment who covered 1000 miles in 21 days, led by Second Lieutenant James A. Moss (at the top), unused continental post card in excellent condition. Their trip proved the military usefulness of the bicycle in a variety of rugged terrains & inclement weather. $3.75 ybbpm(a)*

"CADET CHAPEL WEST POINT, N. Y." unused linen postcard. $2.00 n(w)m(a)

MIXone_061_small.jpg US Army postcard available from Judnick.com"CAMP LIBRARY, AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION / CAMP JACKSON, SOUTH CAROLINA" showing its exterior with their truck parked nearby; black & white post card mailed from the Jackson Branch of Columbia NOV 23 1918, long creases in the sky, toned back, noticeable wear on one short edge, corner wear is minor. The Army camp was abandoned in 1922 but eventually became the Fort Jackson of today. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(c)lm(a)

Barber_WWI_small.jpg (4200 bytes) barber post card

"Company Barber" numbered 1361--7 on back, obviously World War I vintage, unused postcard printed in the USA, corner & edge wear. $25.00 (bwm(a))*

"Dynamiting Spar Bridge, / Fort Leavenworth, Kansas" including a man standing surprisingly close, color postcard mailed 1911 from the National Military Home there (clear but partial OCT 23 1911 DPO cancel), clear postal arrival mark on front, minor toning & edge wear. $7.00 km(a)-k

"FIELD HOSPITAL - U.S. ARMY" showing an ambulance with Red Cross markings & 2 soldiers lifting a stretcher patient nearby, unused color post card, back lightly toned, upper front corner toned & multiply creased but it is just the sky, minor edge wear. This vehicle was used in Europe during World War I for purposes detailed on the back. $7.00 rmm(u)w

Arkansas_CampChaffee_FieldHouse-200_small.JPG Arkansas post card available from Judnick.com"Field House, Camp Chaffee, Ark. / 2 B-H1111" as it looked circa 1942, linen postcard circa 1958, small corner bend not into image, minor wear at 2 other corners. This was an Army training facility that was renamed Fort Chaffee after World War II. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 am

Georgia_FortGordon_K4WAR-200_small.jpg military QSL card available from Judnick.com"FORT GORDON GEORGIA / (TOBACCO ROAD) / K4WAR" colorful QSL card with military cartoon art (soldier tries to avoid KP duty by hiding from his sergeant), sent on official business (postage & fees paid by the Department of the Army), a hint of cancel ink on front, minor wear to one bottom corner. Home of the US Army Signal Corps. $2.75 g(f)m(a)

Alabama_FortMcClellan_FMTrainingCamp-120.JPG (480369 bytes)"FORT MCCLELLAN TRAINING CAMP. / ANNISTON, ALA--29." post card used there 1945. some cancel ink in sky, minor edge wear. Provided basic training for Army recruits during World War II. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 am(a)

"General Omar Bradley, original doll made / in limited edition by Madonna Hardy / Inlow ..." in uniform, unused black & white advertising postcard with good edges. $2.50 dm

"GETTING NEWS FROM HOME, U. S. ARMY CAMP." Showing a group of men reading their mail by some tents, white-border era, long crease, 2 corner creases, toned back, corner wear & rounding, as is. $1.50 wm*

"Hanchey Army Helio Port, Fort Rucker, Ala." Unused early chrome, numbered 877 on back, unusual subject matter. $2.50 am

"Hospital, U. S. Barracks, Columbus, Ohio" sepia-tone postcard published by E. H. Potts, mailed AUG 15 1914 at Columbus (stamp removed causing back thin) to Mrs. Elsie Downing in Condit Ohio, lightly toned both sides. In the digital collections of the Columbus Public Library & rarely offered. $11.00 o(c)m(f)m(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

Panama_HP1XSO-200_small.jpg map US Army cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"HP1XSO" Fort Kobbe QSL post card with Panamanian map showing several locations -- David, Chitre, Kobbe, Arch las Perlas, Las Palmas, etc. -- used 1987 by operator Serafin Martinez (who was a civilian contractor there, with a PSC address), excellent condition. This small US Army post was decommissioned & turned over to the Republic of Panama in 2000. $5.00 pmm(a)-p

Comic_IHaveALot-200small.jpg US Army post cards available from Judnick.com

" I HAVE A LOT TO BE / TANK-FUL / FOR / EVEN THO' I HANDLE MOST OF THE ARMY HEAVY WORK / 251" unsigned cartoon art on a Series P Army Comic linen post card, mailed 1960. $2.25 cm(a)

Genealogy_Hopkins_IHave-200_small.jpg US Army post cards available from Judnick.com"I HAVE SPENT FOUR YEARS FIGHT- / ING FOR OUR COUNTRY / I am coming soon to fight for your busi- / ness on the Merkle-Wiley Broom / Company's line of Brooms. / WM. HOPKINS, / Late Bugler--CO. F. 38th. U. S. Infantry. / Four years active service in Cuba and / the Phillipines(sic)." with his uniformed oval portrait, postcard with black & white front & blue BLU-J Brooms logo on back, unmailed, 2 corners creased, a little pencil writing in the front margin may erase well, light toning both sides. Marvelous & rare: true, BLU-J blotters are common, but not their salesmen's postcards! $25.00 m(a)g(h)cp

"I'm interested in opportunities for me in AN ARMY OF ONE®." with a form next to a helicopter image, unused continental postcard from HQ U.S. Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox. Near mint. $1.00 m(a)k

"IN FLIGHT with the Flagship Fleet / of AMERICAN AIRLINES, inc. / Live Aloft and Like It! ... in a 200-mile-an- / hour 'room with a view.' Surprisingly there's no / sensation of height or speed. You fell no connec- / tion with the earth -- except as an exalted spectator'." airline-published (logo on back) post card mailed free MAY 23 1934 from Tulsa Oklahoma to Mr. Roy E. Stryker in Washington DC. Passenger comments: 'I'm photographing the Arkansas River flood on detached service with the U. S. Engineers. I arrived here from Memphis in Maj. Gen. Reybold's plane, Best regards to all, Pvt. Arthur Rothstein U. S. Army D. S.' Tiny bottom corner bend, a little light toning near the back edges. The Major General was Chief of Engineers since at least 1942. $12.00 a(p)dm(a)g(r)o(a)a(m)

Comic_IWasQuick-200_small.jpg US Army postcards available from Judnick.com"I WAS QUICK IN GETTING SUITED TO ARMY LIFE / YOU CAN SEE / HOW IMPORTANT / I FIT AROUND / HERE! // 252" postcard showing 3 soldiers being issued ill-fitting clothing by their supply quartermaster, minor corner wear, small corner crease. $2.00 cm

"K1WAR" QSL post card with Army ROTC & MARS logos for Worcester Polytechnic Institute, used 1960, one short edge miscut, small spot shows through both sides, light fingerprint toning. $1.25 m(w)cm

PuertoRico_K4HMW-200_small.JPG United States Army QSL card available from LotsOfCards.com"K4HMW" Borinquen Field QSL card with large patriotic eagle design in red, mailed at San Juan 1941 by operator Johnny D'Andriole (serving with the 5th Reconnaissance Squadron of the US Army Air Corps), small bends at the corners, light toning near the top front edge. $2.00 pgm(a)

CanalZone_K5AM-200_small.jpg military QSL card available from Judnick.com"K5AM" Fort de Lesseps QSL card mailed SEP 15 1938 (clear Cristobal cancel ties 1-c Canal Zone stamp with selvedge) to Philadelphia by Cpl. Haskell (Signal Platoon, Atl. Sec., US Signal Corps), bottom corner crease, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink on front. The fort, part of the Regular Army's First Coastal Artillery, guarded the Atlantic terminus of the Panama Canal. The only card of any kind we have ever seen from this fort in anyone's stock. Rare. $25.00 cgm(a)-c

CanalZone_K5AO-200_small.jpg Army QSL card available from Judnick.com"K5AO" Flamenco Island / Fort Grant QSL card mailed with 1-c Canal Zone stamp (clear SEP 10 1935 Balboa cancel) to Philadelphia by Ferdinand J. Sugar (4th Coastal Artillery, US Army), 2 pinholes, 3 corners creased (one multiply), other edge wear is minor. The fort guarded the southern end of the Panama Canal, and the island is now controlled by Panama. SALE IN PROGRESS cgmp

"KA3MNP" QSL post card mailed there 1989 by operator Joseph W. Reichenbach, large Armored Force Amateur Radio Net logo (he was in the 7th Armored Group), traces of cancel ink on front do not detract from an overall fresh appearance. $2.00 p(p)m(a)

AviationMilitary_KeepEm-200_small.jpg  military aviation photograph available from Judnick Postcards
"KEEP 'EM FLYING AT FOSTER FLD." showing 4 Army mechanics & their supervisor working on a propeller aircraft engine, unused Agfa real photo postcard with good focus & glossy finish, light album toning at the back edges, front corners show separation thins (none into the image) from corner mounts. More precisely this at Foster Army Airfield near Victoria Texas. Rare: when we searched the Internet no one else offered it, no one bragged about selling it & no one even exhibited it. $16.00 a(m)ptm(a)

Hawaii_SchofieldBarracks-200_small.jpg Army QSL card available from LotsOfCards.com"KH6NP" colorful Schofield Barracks Hawaii QSL card on brownish stock, mailed FEB 10 1948 (clear Army APO cancel) by Captain J. H. Huggins, 3 tape remnants at edges, toning near the front borders. The hula dancer in the artwork has one breast exposed. $3.00 h(s)m(a)-a

France_Rimaucourt_LesAmericains-200_small.JPG US Army post card available from Judnick.com"Les Américains en France / RIMAUCOURT (Hte-Marne). - Les Baraquements / Edit. A. M." showing the barracks of American soldiers during World War II, black & white carte postale with green back, light toning near the back edges, small corner crease, minor corner rounding & edge wear. $6.00 f(r)m(u)w

"Life at West Point, N.Y." showing a cadet with 2 well-dressed ladies, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1961 at Chadwicks. $2.00 n(w)m(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

AviationMilitary_LifeIn_small.jpg (3746 bytes)
"LIFE IN THE U. S. ARMY CANTONMENT / AVIATORS AND PLANE" color, white-border era post card, numbered 51 on back, 4 spots of toning on back, unused. SALE IN PROGRESS am*%

RedCross_LifeInTheUS-200_small.JPG US miliatry postcard available from Judnick.com

"LIFE IN THE US. S. ARMY CANTONMENT. / INTERIOR RED CROSS BUILDING." series number 77 on back, unused post card. SALE IN PROGRESS rmi%

Ohio_Columbus_MainBuildingUS-200_small.jpg Army post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Main Building U. S. Barracks, / Columbus, Ohio." including 4 Army soldiers towards the right, postcard from Weixelbaum, light toning on back, minor corner & edge wear, noticeable speckles of light toning in the sky. $5.00 o(c)m(a)^

Better_596small.jpg Army postcards available from Judnick.com"MEMORIAL HALL, / West Point, N. Y. / Arthur Livingston, Publisher, New York 735" postcard mailed at Highland Falls NY in 1904 to Miss Kathryn O. Zane in Hillsboro Ohio, very light toning both sides, minor corner wear. Dedicated in 1900 to honor General George W. Cullum. $8.50 n(w)m(a)

Better_594small.jpg United States Army postcards available from Judnick.com
"MESS HALL, / West Point, N. Y. / Arthur Livingston, Publisher, New York 233" postcard mailed at Highland Falls NY in 1904 to Miss Kathryn O. Zane in Hillsboro Ohio, album toning both sides, 2 tiny corner creases, minor edge wear. $8.00 n(w)m(a)

Comic_OnLeave-200_small.jpg Army post card available from Judnick.com
"MH-3 / On Leave" with signed Chelmow art showing two Army men playing with a 59-cent anti-aircraft gun in the toy department of a store while children watch; unused linen postcard in near mint condition. $5.00 cmta

      "MILITARY AMATEUR RADIO SYSTEM / K4USA" Department of the Army / Office of the Chief Signal Officer / Army Communications Service Division QSL postal card picturing its Pentagon location on front, mailed DEC 7 1948 to Sayville New York, official business penalty notice making stamp unnecessary. While the mailing address, given on the card front, specifies Washington DC, the Pentagon is physically located in Arlington County Virginia. [Even today the Pentagon mailing address is Washington DC 20301.] Seldom seen, even less seldom offered. $20.00 m(a)dv(a)-u(o)

Ohio_Columbus_Moonllight26thCompany_small.jpg (5854 bytes)

"MOONLIGHT, 26th COMPANY, / COLUMBUS BARRACKS, / COLUMBUS, OHIO." color from L. Messerschmidt, unused, lightly toned back, corner & edge wear, small corner crease. $4.25 omm

National Defense (April 1996) magazine published by the American Defense Preparedness Association, cover article on "Gen. Reimer Revamps 'Institutional' Army", gently read. $1.50 the complete issue.

"No. 418  UNLOADING PATIENT AT POST HOSPITAL--CAMP LEE, VA." from an ambulance, 2 nurses present; unused postcard published by Thompson & Company, 'Defend Your Country--Join the U. S. Army' slogan on back, light fingerprint toning on back, trivial corner wear. $3.75 v(c)m(a)m(p)p

Virginia_CampPatrickHenry_No711-100.jpg (243259 bytes)"No. 711  DEBARKS' FIRST MEAL, CAMP PATRICK HENRY, VA." showing 2 uniformed GI's just returned from the European theater & 2 uniformed WAC's enjoying a meal, unused black & white postcard from W. R. Thompson & Company, fairly fresh. $10.00 vm(a)**

"No. 716  THE GENERAL STORE, CAMP PATRICK HENRY, VA." an Army department store in operation;, unused postcard published by W. R. Thompson & Company in Richmond, light spotty toning both sides. Offered elsewhere as high as $39.99(!), but we need only $8.00. v(c)m(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

Blacks_No691-200_small.jpg US Army postcards available from LotsOfCards.com"No. 691  A Composite Photo--Typical Southern Wayside--The Army Passes by--Maneuvers of 1942"  including prominently 3 black children eating watermelon, post card mailed free from APO #26 (an Engineering Battalion then at Fredericksburg Virginia) SEP 21 1942 by Private Hopf to his grandfather Mr. Julius Hopf of Jersey City New Jersey. Cancel ink in front sky, separated neatly from other postcards at its sides, small bottom corner crease not into the image. Back address area has logo urging citizens to buy war bonds and stamps 'for victory'. $10.00 bgm(a)-a

Utah_FortDouglas_small.jpg (3900 bytes)"OFFICERS QUARTERS, FORT DOUGLAS, UTAH" postcard from the Souvenir Novelty Company, circa 1910-5, unused, spot of light toning on the back, minor corner & edge wear. The fort was officially closed by the Army in 1991. $5.00 u(f)m(a)

"'OLD GLORY' WAVING OVER 'THE WORLD'S LARGEST AIRPORT' / AT BARKSDALE FIELD, SHREVEPORT, LA…." Unused linen with white border, near-mint condition. During the time of the Army Air Corps. $3.75 alm

"On the Rifle Range / Camp Lee, / Va." unused black & white multiview with 2 scenes--men in trenches with scorers; published by Thompson Illustragraph Company, good edges. Back printing refers to their photograph, but this is not a real photo. $3.75 vm(a)g

"Over the Top / and at 'em'. / All it lacks / is 'em' / Camp Lee, Va." unused black & white multiview postcard with 5 infantry field exercise scenes, including bayonet practice; published by Thompson Illustragraph Company, good edges. Back printing refers to their photograph, but this is not a real photo. $3.75 vm(a)

"Physical Drill, / Camp Lee, Va." showing hundreds of men exercising outdoors, unused black & white post card published by Thompson Illustragraph Company, good edges. Back printing refers to their photography, but this is not a real photo. $3.00 vm(a)

"PIASECKI H-21 Tandem Helicopter  Printed in U. S. A.  8" showing it lifting a large crate, arcade card with multiple creases, one of which is quite heavy, as is. A great military success, the 'Flying Banana', was used extensively by the US Army in Viet Nam & by the French in Algeria. $2.00 a(m)m(a)

See also our Military Aviation post card webpage, for pre-Air Force offerings.

See also our US Army Quartermaster Corps ship postcards listing.

"Short / Leg // KJT-4970" QSL card with Runnin' Bare style art depicting a GI in a foxhole in combat, used 1978 by operator Anthony M. Minutolo, copyrighted design. $2.00 vm(a)

Kansas_Salina_StJohns-200_small.jpg US military post card available from Judnick.com"St. John's Military School, Salina, Kansas" showing artillery practice & a battalion parade in black & white, multiview postcard with red captions, writing both sides dating to 1906 (unmailed), unusual subject matter. Operating to this day & highly ranked by the United States Army Cadet Command. $6.50 k(s)pm(a)

Kansas_Salina_StJohnsSchool-200_small.jpg Army post cards available from Judnick.com"St. John's Military School, Salina, Kansas / PUBLISHED BY WILL'S BOOK STORE" showing a large building in color, undivided back postcard with writing both sides dates to 1906 (unmailed). $5.50 k(s)m(a)

"SV0WI" shortwave Athens (US Army Support Group, APO 223) QSL card used 27 November 1960 by operator Alfred L. Evans, a little wider than a regular-size postcard. The 558th US Army Artillery Group  from Fort Sill arrived there in late November 1960 to support the Special Ammunition Support Command (SASCOM), small upper corner bend. $3.75 gm(a)

Ohio_CampPerry_TargetPractice-100.jpg (290371 bytes) from Judnick.com"Target Practice, Camp Perry, O." post card In color, mailed 1913, considerable corner & edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 om(a)g%

Utah_FortDouglas_TheBarracks-100.JPG (349664 bytes)

"The Barracks, Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, Utah." post card from the Souvenir Novelty Company, unused, fresh except for minor wear at upper corners. The fort was officially closed by the Army in 1991. $5.50 u(f)m(a)

Better_593small.jpg US Army postcards available from Judnick.com"THE BARRACKS, / West Point, N. Y. / Arthur Livingston, Publisher, New York 232" post card mailed at Highland Falls NY in 1904 to Miss Kathryn O. Zane in Hillsboro Ohio, light album toning both sides, minor edge wear. Demolished in the 1960's & replaced by MacArthur Barracks. In the digital library of the Academy; but rarely offered. $10.00 n(w)m(a) NEW / NOVA / NOU

NewMexico_Columbus_Military_small.jpg (3573 bytes)"The results of Watchful Waiting / Columbus" postcard showing troops in New Mexico that may have gone after Pancho Villa. Luna County. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nm

Virginia_CampLee_TheSignal-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com
"The Signal Corps / Spelling C-a-m-p L-e-e, / V-1. in their own / language" unused black & white post card published by Thompson Illustragraph Company, good edges. Back printing refers to their photography, but this is not a real photo. $3.00 vm(a)

"THE WRITING OF / AMERICAN / MILITARY HISTORY / A Guide" hardbound Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 20-200, published August 1956. Among other things, it offers an excellent guide to authoritative source material by time period. $2.00 ma

"ULYSSES S. GRANT Born in Ohio, 1822. Went to West Point, 1839. Fought in Mexican War, 1848. / Made Commander-in-Chief of U. S. Army, 1964. / ..." unused biographical postcard with his portrait, City Point Virginia headquarters & tomb illustrated; published by Publishers Circulation Promotion Association of Pittsburg, small upper corner crease, toning both sides from album contact, soft corners. $5.00 bcm(a)

Better_436small.jpg New Mexico photos available from Judnick PostcardsUncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard sent in an exchange by French Lancaster (address given as Box 114 at Fort Bayard New Mexico, clear AUG 10 1913 Fort Bayard hand cancel), slight album toning at the edges & corners. The recipient marked 'ans' (answered) in the address area, indicating that the exchange continued. Fort Bayard, formerly an outpost of the black 'Buffalo Soldiers', by 1913 was made an Army tuberculosis hospital & research center under the Surgeon General's Department. In 2004 it was declared a National Historic Landmark. The only postcard we have ever seen from there in anyone's stock; perhaps the squalor that you see here will tell you why. SALE IN PROGRESS n(f)m(f)b-n

UNITED STATES ARMY GOLDEN KNIGHTS. Unused continental post card showing its Fokker F-27-400M (8) parked near grass, well composed with good focus & contrast. The militarized version of this aircraft is the C-31A which transports the US Army Parachute Team to various air shows. $5.00 a(p)m(a)

AviationMiliatry_USArmyAerroplane-100.jpg (260850 bytes)
"U. S. ARMY AEROPLANE IN FULL FLIGHT. SERIES NO. 12 222673" from Sackett & Wilhelms Corp., unused postcard, many small spots of toning near back edges, faint corner crease. SOLD RECENTLY a(m)m

"U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / SAFETY PATROL / … / Junior Ranger" small badge-shaped sticker, fresh appearance. $1.00 sm

Miliatry_USArmy_InRecognition-300_small.jpg Internet post cards available from Judnick.com

"U.S. ARMY / Every generation has / its heroes, this one / is no different." unused continental postcard for the recruiting website goarmy.com in near mint condition. $1.00 m(a)c

Kentucky_FortKnox_USArmyPost.jpg (176052 bytes)

U. S. ARMY POST, FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY" unused linen from Kyle Co., fairly fresh, good edges. $2.00 km

AviationMilitary_USArmyCargoGlider-200_small.jpg Army aviation post card available from LotsOfPhotos.com"U.S. ARMY CARGO GLIDER CG-4A / DESIGNED AND BUILT BY THE WACO AIRCRAFT CO. OF TROY, OHIO. / TROY -- THE BEST SMALL CITY IN OHIO" unused EKC real photo postcard with sharp focus, good contrast & glossy finish; toning near the back edges, small upper corner bend not into the image. What few "vintage" cards you see of this aircraft are actually cheap museum cards; this, however is rare & the real thing! SALE IN PROGRESS a(m)m(a)o

Prison_USMilitary_LeavenworthKansas.jpg (135259 bytes)

"U. S. Military Prison, Leavenworth, Kansas" color, circa 1915, unused, corner wear & rounding, toned back. $3.75 pkm

Motorcycle_USMCorpsShowing-100.jpg (311077 bytes)"U. S. MOTORCYCLE CORPS, SHOWING ARMOURED MOTORCYCLE WITH MACHINE GUN." More precisely: a shielded Hotchkiss machine gun on an early Harley-Davidson. Unused white-border era postcard, trivial corner wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mwm(a)

"W2HBJ" two-color Officers Club (now on National Register of Historic Places) QSL card with hobby-related graphics & ARRL logos, mailed 1935 at Flushing by operator L. V. Lillvik, paper browning evenly with age. $2.50 n(f)m(a)

"W4PBD" QSL viewcard converted from postcard depicting barracks at night, fresh color, mailed 1949. $1.50 nm

Cover_USOfficial_25Mar63-200_small.JPG military QSL card available from Judnick.com"W5USA" official business QSL postcard with clock-tower art mailed March 1963  by the Military Affiliate Radio System at the Headquarters of the Fourth United State Army to Illinois. No stamp necessary--postage and fees were paid by the Department of the Army!  Longer than a regular postcard it has wear & creases along its two short edges. $3.00 tm-t

Wyoming_FortFEWarren-200_small.jpg military QSL postcard available from LotsOfCovers.com"W7EZC" colorful Fort Warren Wyoming QSL post card with cowboy silhouette art prominent in design, mailed there NOV 13 1946 by operator E. W. Madsen edges & corners very rough (long corner crease just misses the 1-c Washington stamp). A clear & complete example of the DPO machine cancel. $3.75 wm(a)-w

Wyoming_FortFE_W7EZC-200_small.jpg US Army QSL postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"W7EZC" colorful Fort F. E. Warren Wyoming QSL post card with US flag art prominent in design, mailed there 1936 by operator E. W. Madsen in the Headquarter Company of the 4th Brigade, pinhole at top center, spotty toning on back. At the time, an Army base, that late came under Air Force control in 1947 (when it was renamed Francis E. Warren Air Force Base). $3.75 wm(a)f

Wanted to buy--Coast Artillery Corps and Coast Defense fortification postcards that we do not already list. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars! *c

"WEST GARRISON DOCKS, FORT McDOWELL, ANGEL ISLAND, CALIF. 6125" black & white on yellowish paper from Stanley A. Piltz Company, unused, one corner worn. Part of the largest troop staging facility on the West Coast. $3.50 m

MIXone_030_small.jpg Army postcard available from Judnick.com"WEST POINT. Tennis" showing 3 games in progress on 4 courts, Tuck Post Card Series No. 2322 Life at West Point, undivided back mailed 1906, a little extraneous writing on back, heavy cancel impression, minor corner wear & rounding. $6.50 s(t)tnm(a)

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Ohio_Columbus_TheFormer-200_small.jpg law post card available from Judnick.com"The former Columbus Barracks is now the Fort Hayes / Metropolitan Education Center in the Columbus City School District." continental postcard from a photo by Richard Arthur, #8 in a continuing series done for the Heart of Ohio Postcard Club. Near mint. Last military use was for the Military Police Battalion & the 375th Criminal Investigations Division of the US Army Reserve. $2.00 o(c)em(a)l

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"10.  COAST GUARD STATION, LORAIN, OHIO" including a manned lifeboat, unused H. H. Hamm postcard, made in the USA in 1919 (from printer's code), small upper corner bend,  otherwise fairly fresh. A new station replaced this one in 1988. $10.00 o(l)m(c)%

"1601--The East Battery, Charleston, S. C." including cannons & cannon balls in color, postcard with undivided back, printed in Germany, mailed at Charleston in 1901, upper corner crease, noticeable toning near the front corners, lightly toned back, mild corner rounding. $1.50 m(c)s%

"Auletian(sic) Islands / Coast Guard ship 'Pathfinder' / churns past Shisheldin Volcano." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard, mailed at Cohoe Alaska in 1961, corner crease & small internal crease not easily detected from the front. $2.25 m(c)va%

"Coast Guard Cutter / THE MACKINAW" a side view of it near shore at Cheboygan Michigan, chrome postcard, tiny corner crease, edge wear along the bottom, dark colors. Writing in stamp box may not remove well. $1.50 s(m)m(c)m(c) ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

  Virginia_VirginiaBeach_CoastGuard-100.jpg (337394 bytes)  "Coast Guard Station, Virginia Beach, Va.  V-28 / 72068" unused linen postcard on yellowish paper, excellent condition. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 vm(c)

"DEER LODGE AM / 12 - 26- 42 IN. / U. S. COAST GUARD" Kodak sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a side view of the ship, unused, minor wear at 2 corners, otherwise fresh both sides. $6.50 s(u)m*%

  NorthCarolina_Wilmington_RevenueCutterCoastal.jpg (132559 bytes)  "REVENUE CUTTER 'MODOC' AT CUSTOM HOUSE PIER, WILMINGTON, N. C.--43" white-border era postcard from E. C. Kropp, made in USA, unused, 2 tiny spots on left front edge, 1 corner badly creased. $3.50 nsm(c)%

"W8ATC" Traverse City Michigan QSL card on brownish paper, mailed 1947 by operator Homer Canger at the US Coast Guard Station there, small corner crease, mild wear to another corner, a bit of cancel ink on the front. $3.00 mm(c)%

Wanted to buy--postcards & postal cards depicting the Coast Guard or Life Saving Station at Two Rivers Wisconsin. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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See also  Coast Guard postal history!

See also 1870's Cover from Denmark to the United States Coast Guard ship.

More Marines postcards can be listed. Please inquire!

  LebanonAmericansWere-200_small.jpg US military postcard available from Judnick.com  "Americans were shocked to hear of the bombing of Marine / Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon ... " showing troops looking for survivors in the rubble, unused Cora-Lee post card in excellent condition. $2.00 lm(m)h NEW / NOVA / NOU

RhodeIsland_Providence_American-200_small.jpg US Marines post card available from Judnick.com"'American Travel' Series  Dedication of the Benedict Monument to Music  Sunday / Civic Pleasure Spots  Roger Williams Park  Sept. 21st, 1924 / Concert by Providence Festival Chorus and United States Marine Band" unused black & white postcard published by Jessie D. Allardice, paper browning evenly with age, good edges. The chorus was first organized to perform at this event. $5.00 r(p)mm(m)

"Douglas C-47 Gooney Birds / Skytrain, Skytroooper, Dakota, and 'Gooney / Bird' were just some of the military names / given the military version of the civilian / Douglas DC-3" shown parked with United States Marines markings, chrome post card, near mint condition. (5 available). $1.25 for one, $1.00 each for quantities. a(m)m(m)

"KG4XO" Guantanamo Bay Cuba shortwave (21 MHz) QSL postcard featuring a US flag on a simple map of the island, used 1987 by operator George E. Zustak USMC, fresh appearance, good edges. $3.00 cm. Same but used 1986. $3.00 cm(m). Same except 1.8 MHz. $3.00 cm

"Our nation plunged into anguish at the news of the slaughter / of Marines at the Marine Headquarters on October 23, 1983. / ... Some 1,200 to / 1,400 U. S. Marines were brought in to : persuade Israel to pull / its troops out of West Beirut ..." unused Cora-Lee postcard showing those Marines landing from an amphibious vehicle, excellent condition. $2.00 lm(m)h

See also Marines postal history.

Haiti_StreetCarSystem-200_small.jpg US Marines postcards available from Judnick.com"Street Car System / Port-au-Prince Haiti // By Raymond U.S.M.C.-15. // B2-5" showing a 2-car train loaded with passengers; unused sepia-tone real photo post card, rounded corners, 3  small corner creases. The US Marine Corps in 1914, to quell civil unrest; they stayed until 1934. You are lucky to have a chance to own this postcard. $80.00 m(m)hs

Patriotic_TheMarinesHave-100.jpg (295690 bytes)"The Marines have landed and have the situation well in hand." patriotic postcard given out at WWI Marine recruiting stations so that senders could advise their recipients of their new Parris Island address. Signed art is dated 1913 & shows 2 Marines raising the flag. Special, because most of these were filled out and sent for their intended purpose. Browning paper with age, worn corners, one faint corner crease. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 m(m)pf

Virginia_Quantico_MarinesMarching_small.jpg (3338 bytes)Uncaptioned real photo showing Marines marching at Quantico Virginia, mailed 1939. Unimportant and unobtrusive surface cracking to what may well be one-of-a-kind. Minor corner & edge wear. Enough of a large building is shown in the background to enable a locally knowledgeable person to determine the precise location within Quantico. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (114 KB) or .tif format. $1.50 mv

"UNITED STATES / MARINE CORP'S / BEND AND PEEL OUT" fancy embossed color seal (approx. 4" x 4") with insignia. Sharp! $1.25 m%

MilitaryUS_USMarinesLand-200_small.jpg US Marines QSL card available from Judnick.com"U. S. MARINES / W3ELN" bi-fold QSL card used circa 1935 by John, a member of the First Signal Company at the Marine Barracks. One panel is toned; the other 3 are attractive. $4.00 v(q)m(m)

"W4EFV" shortwave (7Mc) QSL postcard mailed free by J. Vanderhoof (2dMSig.Maint.Co.), clear & complete MAY 25 1947 cancel of the 2nd MARINE DIVISION. $4.00 mn(c)-m

Mutoscope_Welcome--Marines-200_small.jpg military cards available from Judnick.com

"WELCOME -- MARINES" dancer with grass skirt, see-through top, veil & no hat; colorful & rare Mutoscope arcade card from the All-American Girl series, one corner with multiple small creases that have been expertly ironed out so that they are hard to notice form the front. $17.50 pmm

Mutoscope_WelcomeMarines-200_small.jpg pinup card available from Judnick.com

"WELCOME -- MARINES" with red hat, from the All American Girl series, tiny bottom corner crease, other edge wear is trivial. Extremely rare.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 pmm

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Wanted to buy--Merchant Marine Academy postcards or photos from Henderson Point Mississippi, circa 1938 - 1947. May be loosely identified as a Pass Christian view. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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"AIR NATIONAL GUARD / OHIO AIR NATIONAL GUARD / 'AMERICANS AT THEIR BEST'" showing an operation in progress from a KC-135 of the 160the Air Refueling Squadron to A7-D's from the 121st Tactical Fighter Wing, unused continental postcard in near-mint condition. $1.25 a(m)m(n)

  Better_627small.jpg National Guard post cards available from Judnick.com
(ROSS COUNTY). "Bird's-eye View of Quartermaster's Section--Mt. Logan in Background--at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio" showing the Ohio Army National Guard site from a high vantage point; unused bi-fold postcard published by J. D. Klass in Columbus, upper corner crease, toned both side (front light, back more so), not much wear at the fold, slightly taller than regular size. Rare. $17.50 o(c)o(m)m(n)m

"Evansville National Guard Armory, Evansville, Indiana" linen mailed 1957, small corner crease, corner & edge wear.$1.50 im

"Field House, Camp Pickett, Va." showing its exterior, unused Tichnor linen post card with war bonds & stamps ad printed in lower right back corner, back paper browning evenly with age, trivial wear at top edge. Often seen as Fort Pickett. $3.50 v(c)m(n) NEW / NOVA / NOU

Ohio_Cleveland_G1856_small.jpg Ohio postcards available from Judnick.com"G 1856  Central Armory, Cleveland, Ohio." unused undivided back postcard from the Rotograph Company, fingerprint toning on back, album toning lightly at the front corners. A National Guard facility. $4.25 o(c)m

Ohio_Dayton_MilitiaOnGuard-200_small.jpg National Guard postcards available from Judnick.com"Militia on Guard in Union Depot, Dayton, Ohio, after Greatest Flood in Modern History, / March 28, 1913" black & white post card with dark red caption, contemporaneous writing on back, unusual subject matter, minor bottom corner wear. The Militia Act of 1903 created a National Guard force that could be be used by state governors to respond to disasters & emergencies. $9.00 komds*

Ohio_BelleValley_ONG-200_small.jpg National Guard postcard available from Judnick.com"O. N. G. TRAIN WRECK AT BELLE VALLEY, O. 7/31/'10 // EN ROUTE TO ST. R. Y. STRIKE, COLUMBUS, O." with many spectators gathered round, including ladies with parasols; unused sepia-tone AZO (triangles up) real photo post card, light toning shows in the front sky. The Ohio National Guard was sent on occasion of the streetcar strike in Columbus & one cannot help but wonder if this disaster was caused by sabotage. The particular unit involved was the 1st Cavalry Squadron, shortly after its reorganization. Sold but its front is still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged & enhanced (publication-quality) 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 m(n)o(c)us

Ohio_BelleValley_ONG2-200_small.jpg National Guard postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"O. N. G. TRAIN // WRECK // BELLE VALLEY, O. // 7/31/'10" including uniformed soldiers with their horses near car number 6040; unused sepia-tone AZO (triangles up) real photo post card, small corner crease, trivial corner rounding. The Ohio National Guard was sent on occasion of the streetcar strike in Columbus & one cannot help but wonder if this disaster was caused by sabotage. The particular unit involved was the 1st Cavalry Squadron, shortly after its reorganization. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(b)m(n)o(c)us

"Pontoon Bridge, Camp Pickett, Va." being crossed by a truck & National Guard soldiers; unused Tichnor linen postcard, 'FOR VICTORY BUY UNITED STATES WAR BONDS AND STAMPS' in lower right back corner, lightly toned back, good edges. Often seen as Fort Pickett. $3.50 v(c)m(n)p NEW / NOVA / NOU

"ST. ALBANS ARMORY, CO. B, FIRST INFANTRY, V. N. G., ST. ALBANS, VT." of the Vermont National Guard, postcard mailed OCT 31 1924 (ST. ALBANS & BOSTON TR.6 R.P.O. hand cancel) to Mrs. Arden G. Taylor in Windsor Vermont, bottom corner crease, short internal crease in the left front border, minor corner wear. $1.75 v(s)m(n)

"STATE ARMORY, N. Y. N. G., PEEKSKILL, N. Y. 7 / 7A-H1175" showing its front as it appeared circa 1937, linen postcard mailed that year, cancel ink in front sky, mild corner wear, faint corner crease. $2.00 n(p)m

Uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo post card of a soldier standing near some tents at the Ohio National Guard Camp at Marietta Ohio, slight oxidation, chemical toning spot in the front sky, toned back. The width is smaller than the usual 3-5 / 8-inches for a regular postcard, and the tell-tale curve of a scissors cut along the left front edge tells us why. Shown. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. omc. Similar but an older soldier in a jacket that is not long enough for his arms, a darker image with more contrast, slight oxidation, toned back. The width is again smaller than the usual 3-5 / 8-inches for a regular postcard, but its edges are straight. The printing on the back is centered downward in a manner that leads us to believe it was the last one printed from a long sheet of paper. $5.00 omc.

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"153.  State, War and Navy Departments, Washington, D. C." when they were somewhat smaller than today, postcard with undivided back mailed JAN 8 1908 (clear N. Y. & WASHINGTON TR64 R.P.O. hand cancel) to East Orange New Jersey, light album marks on back, noticeable corner & edge wear, an internal crease in the cancel area. $2.75 dm(n)

Ohio_Toledo_USNR_small.jpg (3865 bytes)

"20  U. S. Naval Reserve, Bay View Park, Toledo, Ohio" linen, unused. $2.00 writing on back. $1.75 Odd typed message that missed the card by two characters but card not trimmed, metered 1949. $1.50

"ARRL Field Day ---  18 - 19 June 1949 // K9NR // A 'Joint Operations' By Indianapolis / Amateurs and The Naval Reserve" near Carmel, QSL card mailed JUL 23 1949 from Indianapolis to James F. Hartley in Wayne Pennsylvania, two tape remnants on back. $2.75 i(c)m(n)

NewYork_Rochester_CharlotteHarbor.jpg (153157 bytes)"Charlotte Harbor and Naval Reserve Station, / Rochester, N. Y." showing several small sailboats, color, mailed there 1914, a little extraneous writing on back, small corner crease, corner wear & rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nm

Missouri_Springfield_USNR_small.jpg (4669 bytes)

"K0NRS" Springfield Missouri QSL card mailed 1949, attractive US Naval Reserve insignia design. $2.50

Rhode_Island_Pawtucket_USNR_small.jpg (3504 bytes) Pawtucket Rhode Island QSL postcard

"K1RBC" QSL postcard mailed 1961 by operator George Lavender, USNRTC art. $2.00 (rm)

"W1COM" United States Naval Reserve Station QSL card mailed there 1935 by operator V. H. Ashton, small corner crease, pinhole discoloration at top center, small amount of one upper corner gone, toned back. Illustration on front displays the State Seal of Maine. Front text boasts "zeppelin antenna for transmitting and receiving". $3.00 zm(n)m(n)

"W5KUC / N8NAQ" Dallas Texas QSL official business postal card mailed free 1949 by operator Robert W. Wagner (Ch. Elec. Tech. Mate, USNR), large United States Naval Reserve logo in the background, bottom corner creased 3 times, still attractive. Unusual in that his Navy call is also given. $3.00 t(d)m(n)

"W5NTT  N8NCZ" QSL postcard mailed free (official business, Navy Department) 1949 by operator  Raymond M. Cratty, large US Naval Reserve insignia in front background, faint bottom corner crease. $3.00 am

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RI_Newport_Torpedo_small.jpg (3109 bytes) Newport Rhode Island postcard
"100:-AERIAL VIEW OF TORPEDO STATION, NEWPORT, R. I." Unused linen from Berger Bros. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 (rm)

"247 -- Naval Armory, Detroit, Mich." linen post card from United News Company, mailed there 1947, scrape on back under the stamp, minor wear to 2 corners. $1.75 m(d)m(n)

Expos_1926_29Bird's_Pa.jpg (201885 bytes)"29:--BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF LEAGUE ISLAND NAVY YARD ADJACENT TO, / SESQUICENTENNIAL INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, PHILADELPHIA, PA." color from John D. Cardinell (official), unused, trivial corner wear, tiny spot on one back edge. Interesting. $5.00 epm

Korea_A16InchSalvo-100.jpg (236122 bytes)"30 Printed in U.S.A.  / A 16" Salvo from the USS Missouri in Korean Waters / cutting up enemy shore installations.  From USN photo." black & white, 2 creased corners, extensive but very light water stain on front, minor edge wear. Arcade card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 km(n)s(m)

Expos_Philadelphia1926_33NavyYard.jpg (190640 bytes)"33:--DOGS OF WAR AT REST, LEAGUE ISLAND NAVY YARD, / SESQUICENTENNIAL INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, PHILADELPHIA, PA." color from John D. Cardinell (official), unused, album marks on front, lightly toned back. $5.00 epms(m)*

Cuba_51009Scalling-100.jpg (276031 bytes)"51009 Scaling Walls, Practice Drill U. S. Naval Station, / Guantanamo Bay" color, mailed 10 DIC 1911 at Caimanera Oriente to Iowa (1-centavol stamp tied), light but noticeable cancel ink on front in sky, corner crease, mild corner & edge wear. $10.00 cm-c*

"511:-GENERAL VIEW, SUBMARINE BASE, GROTON, CONN. / 42280" linen post card mailed there 1942, minor corner & edge wear, slight smearing of ink in message area on back. $2.00 cm

"Administration Building, U. S. Naval / Training Station, Newport, R. I." Tichnor Bros. linen mailed there 1953, partial cancel on front. $1.75 rm

Virginia_FortessMonroe_ViewOf-120.jpg (452133 bytes)"AT ANCHOR // THE LAUNCH LANDING //  VIEW OF HOTEL CHAMBERLAIN FROM HAMPTON ROADS / GEO. F. ADAMS, MGR. / FORTRESS MONROE, VA." color multiview post card showing a military ship at the upper left & a launch full of sailors heading for the hotel; fairly fresh except for tiny spot on back bottom border. $7.00 v(f)m(n)g

RhodeIsland_Newport_BagInspectionNavy.jpg (354239 bytes)"BAG INSPECTION.  U.S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION, NEWPORT, R.I." unused linen from Berger Bros., slight yellowing of the paper with age, good edges. Well designed to invite the eye to compare of the many bags shown, conveying a feeling for the regimentation there. $4.00 rm

"Bag Lay-out / U.S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION / GREAT LAKES, ILLINOIS / REAR ADMIRAL, JOHN DOWNES U S NAVY, / COMMANDING OFFICER" unused Ekc real photo with call-outs detailing all items--leggings, gymn(sic) shoes, jumpers, pillow slip, handkerchiefs, etc. One corner multiply creased, two others worn. UD & interesting. $4.00 im

"Bahrain urchins / besiege the Navy." showing children crowded around a US sailor, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcards mailed 1962 at Linwood New Jersey. $2.00

Zeppelin_BlimpLeavingFor_BrunswickGeorgia.jpg (161758 bytes)"Blimp Leaving for Patrol / at Naval Air Station (LTA), / Glynco, near Brunswick, Ga." from an official US Navy photograph, linen mailed there 1946, good edges. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 zgm

Cuba_CampAt-100.jpg (232250 bytes)"Camp at Caravela Point, Guantanamo, Bay, Cuba / Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas / and a Happy New Year" showing numerous tents near the water, black & white, mailed 1940 from First Marine Base to Ohio (SR, postage due 1-c on arrival), corner crease, toned back, lightly toned front. $15.00 cnm

"Camp at the U. S. Naval Station, Guantanamo, Cuba" showing a column of sailors marching through many tents, color on brownish paper, mailed 1912 from the USS Missouri but stamp removed, trace of cancel ink on front , mild corner & edge wear. $10.00 cm

Zeppelin_CloseupOfConstruction_small.jpg (7397 bytes)

"CLOSEUP OF CONSTRUCTION OF U. S. S. AKRON, NAVY AIRSHIP  47" at Akron Ohio, white-border era post card from Akron Stationery Co., unused,  trivial corner & edge wear. $27.50 zmio

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MIXone_105_small.jpg US Navy QSL postal card available from Judnick.com"CM8YB" United States Naval Station QSL postal card (1-c Jefferson, clear Naval Station machine cancel) mailed there DEC 12 1934 to Pennsylvania by B. B. Greer, cancel is clear but back is toned, a little cancel ink on front, pushpin discoloration at top center & partial hole at bottom center, uneven toning on front is light at the bottom edge. $13.00 cm(n)-c

Mermaid_ComeOnYou-200_small.jpg mermaid postcards available from LotsOfCards.com"COME ON, YOU CAN DATE HER / UP ON THE WAY BACK" US Navy speedboat captain admonishes sailor about to dive toward a finned mermaid, linen post card mailed 1944 in Minnesota, minor corner wear, a tiny ding in the bottom edge, a little cancel ink in the sky. $3.00 mm(n)

AviationMilitary_CoronadoFlying-200_small.jpg USA military postcards available from Judnick.com"CORONADO FLYING BOAT, CONSOLIDATED AIRCRAFT CORP., SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA--116" showing the US Navy patrol bomber & transport in the process of being manufactured; unused linen post card, excellent condition. This aircraft saw combat in the Pacific during WWII. We have seen it only occasionally at auction with starting bids of $9.00 & up, but all we need is $7.50. ic(s)m(n)

"ENLISTED MEN'S CLUB / U. S. Naval Station / Guantanamo Bay, Cuba / Ektachrome by Garcia" including the white hat sign prominently, unused chrome from Parlin Color Photo Company, fresh appearance & good edges. $2.00 cm

Maryland_005_small.jpg US Navy post card available from Judnick.com"GREETINGS FROM / ANNAPOLIS / MARYLAND / Home of the U. S. Naval Academy / --D-15" unused large-letter linen postcard with unkeyed views, toning on back is from the printing process itself, excellent condtion. $3.00 m(a)m(n)l

"Greetings / from / FARRAGUT / NAVAL TRAINING STATION / IDAHO" unused large-letter linen, unused, soft corners. $2.00 (lm)%

"Gun Deck of U. S. Battleship 'Kentucky'" including several sailors posing at their battle positions, color on undivided back with yellowish paper, mailed 1908 (Pitts. & Chic. TR6 RPO cancel quite clear). mild corner & edge wear. $8.00 m

Zeppelin_HeliumCellInUSS.jpg (145357 bytes)"HELIUM CELL IN U. S. S. AKRON, NAVY AIRSHIP   48" also showing the Goodyear racing balloon--both while a test is in process, white-border era postcard from Akron Stationery Co., unused, small corner crease, four small scraped areas on back. $8.00 zm

"K6MMJ" San Diego California shortwave (21.36 mc) QSL card with US map design mailed 1956, bend at one corner, minor corner wear. From Jean J. Cullerton of the U. S. N. Harbor Defense Unit. $2.50 cm

Cuba_KG4SC-Navy-120.jpg (341034 bytes)"KG4SC" shortwave (28.582 MHz) US Navy Satellite Communications Detachment at Guantanamo Bay QSL postcard with satellite design, used 1977 by operator Joseph A. Kelly, tiny corner crease. $3.50 cm(n)s"KG4SC" shortwave (28.582 MHz) US Navy Satellite Communications Detachment at Guantanamo Bay QSL postcard with satellite design, used 1977 by operator Joseph A. Kelly, tiny corner crease. $3.50 csm(n)

"KP4BK" Naval Air Station (Ceiba, near San Juan) QSL post card mailed 1949 from Georgia by operator Harold Cagle, small ARRL logo on front, tiny ding on one edge, small corner bend. Items from this small facility are scarce, because it was opened and closed several times from 1944 to 1957. $4.50 pm(n). Similar, but earlier, mailed 1946, tape stains on back, a little cancel ink on front. $4.50 pm(n)

"KP4EN" Fort Buchanan QSL card used 1947 by operator James C. Pirtle, information typed in neatly, 4 hinge remnants on the back, small piece of upper corner missing but obscures nothing. $3.00 pm(a)

Illinois_GreatLakes_LivingFlag-100.jpg (301132 bytes)

"Living Flag / U. S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION, / GREAT LAKES, ILLINOIS / REAR ADMIRAL, JOHN DOWNES U S NAVY, / COMMANDING OFFICER" sepia-tone real photo of sailors forming a large flag on the parade grounds, writing on face edge dates to 1943, mailed there free 1943 by a sailor, slight oxidation, minor corner & edge wear, trace of cancel on face in margin, unusual subject matter. $8.00 (ifm)%

Maryland_010_small.jpg US Navy postcards available from Judnick.com
"Looking Across Smoke Park, showing Seaward Terrace of Bancroft Hall.  22 / U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.  60666" unused linen post card published by George J. Davis, mild wear long the upper edge. $2.50 m(a)m(n)

"Main Gate / U. S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION, GREAT LAKES, ILLINOIS / REAR ADMIRAL, JOHN DOWNES U.S. NAVY, COMMANDING OFFICER" sepia-tone real photo postcard from Mole, mailed there free 1944 by a sailor, corners creased from album removal effort (which also left adherences on the back). $3.25 (im)

"NANSEMOND HOTEL, OCEAN VIEW, NORFOLK, VA. / 3202-29" post card published by Louis Kaufmann & Sons in Baltimore, mailed AUG 21 1934 at Norfolk to Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Allen in Washington D.C., a little extraneous writing at the left back edge, minor corner wear, lightly toned back. Later to headquarter the Amphibious Training Command, Atlantic Fleet, during World War II. More than 40 significant assaults on enemy beaches were planned & practiced on the beach you see here. No longer there, the hotel was destroyed by a 1980 fire. $5.00 v(n)m(n)

RhodeIsland_Newport_NavalApprentices-100.jpg (339863 bytes)

"Naval Apprentices on Parade at Newport, R. I." Two words run together in caption & washed-out colors (presumably a low printing run), mailed there 1912, soft corners. $4.25 (rmp)+


"NAVAL REVIEW  / ONE OF THE CLOSE SHAVES OF A SAILOR'S LIFE" with 2 views, post card, circa World War I, unused, rubber band mark on back, noticeable spots of toning on both front side borders, mild corner & edge wear. $5.00 (bm)

"NAVY EXCHANGE / U. S. NAVAL STATION // GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA" using all the signage for our caption, unused circa-1949 Kodak real photo postcard with good focus & contrast, long shallow paper bend in the right front border. Hard to find. $14.00 cm(n) NEW / NOVA / NOU

Cuba_NavySteamerGoin-100.jpg (231182 bytes)

"Navy Steamer going inland.  Guantanamo Bay. Cuba." unused Azo (triangles up), brownish paper, small light ink spot on upper left front corner. $14.00 cm

RI_Newport_Inspection_small.jpg (3188 bytes)

"Newport, R. I. / Newport Training Station, Inspection. / (Copyright 1906 by Enrique Muller.)" color, mailed there 1908 (flag cancel), minor corner wear. $4.50 (rm)

Virginia_CampPeary_No1628-200_small.JPG"No. 1628  Construction Battalion Practice Landings, Camp Peary, Va.  Official U. S. Navy Photo" black & white postcard mailed free 1943 by a serviceman stationed there, minor edge wear, 2 small corner creases not into the photo, a little cancel ink on the front. Great action shot. $4.00 vm(n)

RI_CampEndicott_Seabee_small.jpg (3892 bytes)

"No. 1657 Seabee Operating A Bulldozer At Camp Endicott, R. I. Official U. S. Navy Photo" black & white postcard, unused. $3.00 (rm)

"PARADE GROUND SHOWING WAR COLLEGE AND ADMINISTRATION BUILDING / U. S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION, NEWPORT, R. I." unused linen post card, tiny spot in sky could be mistaken for a bird, otherwise fairly fresh with good edges. $2.00 rm

See also: Military ship postcards.

Cover_CubaUSShips_1931Pennsylvania-100.jpg (321859 bytes)

See also postal markings of US Navy ships in Cuban waters. Shown is a

Cover_Naval_Constitution_10-21-47_small.jpg (7304 bytes)

See also US Naval ship postmarks on cover. Shown is a cover commemorating the 150th anniversary of the USS Constitution.

  Maryland_006_small.jpg US Navy post cards available from Judnick.com    Maryland_044_small.jpg US military postcards available from LotsOfPhotos.com "Tecumseh Monument and Midshipmen Returning from Class, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. / OFFICIAL U. S. NAVY PHOTOGRAPH  1B-H2269" along Stribling Walk, circa 1941 unused linen postcard distributed by George J. Davis, trivial wear on the upper edge, fairly fresh. Shown left. $2.75 m(a)m(n). Same caption & image, but a different printing in lighter colors yielding more detail, writing in the stamp box & some ink transfers nearby, small upper corner bend, faint small bottom corner crease. Shown right. $2.00 m(a)m(n). Both for comparison: $4.50 m(a)m(n)

Zeppelin_TheNavalAirship-200_small.jpg US Navy postcards available from Judnick.com

"THE NAVAL AIRSHIP J-3 LANDING, NAVAL AIR STATION, LAKEHURST, N. J. / 75-29" unused black & white white-border era postcard published by S. Kevitch, minor corner wear. Hard to find! $10.00 zn(l)m(n)

"THIS MAN WAS BRUTALLY / MURDERED FOR / BEING GAY. / YOU CAN HELP. / …" with a petition to the Naval Clemency & Parole Board printed on the back, unused continental postcard from Service members Legal Defense Network, near mint, unusually detailed, unusual subject matter. (4 available) $4.00 each. gns

UNITED STATES NAVY RAIL ROAD. Uncaptioned circa-1910 sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard picturing 3 sailors seated on the cow-catcher of a U. S. Navy Railroad steam locomotive. Lengthy message on back explains 'This picture was taken in a place called Chicago(sic) Wn. near Seattle Wn. where we were camped in a woods.' Chico Washington is about 17 miles west of Seattle, over water, and near Bremerton where the Navy Yards are. The short-line railroad running north-south by Chico is the US Navy Railroad. These sailors were on rest & recreation while their ship was being fixed, and it is easy to see how they could get the name of such a small place wrong. Obviously one-of-a-kind. $110.00 w(c)m(n)r(u) PRICE REDUCED RECENTLY

"U.S. NAVAL AIR BASE, NEAR MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. DIMENSIONS 954. / OF HANGAR - LENGTH 1138 FT. WIDTH 310 FT. HEIGHT 198 FT." real photo postcard mailed JUN 3 1934 from Palo Alto California, shortly after it was built. Message in part: 'Olaf has been in the Macon, and he says its effect is so cold and cheerless, and flimsy. ..." The name of this specific location is Hangar One at Moffett Field. Its dimensions are sometimes quoted a little bit differently than we read here.  Hard to find! That is why. $17.00 c(m)m(n)z NEW / NOVA / NOU


"U. S. NAVAL CONSTRUCTION / BATTALION CENTER / DAVISVILLE, RHODE ISLAND" showing the famous 3-dimensional bee sculpture, unused chrome postcard, trivial corner & edge wear. $2.50 rm

Prisons_112_small.jpg US Navy postcards available from Judnick.com

"U. S. NAVAL PRISON, PORTSMOUTH NAVY YARD, PORTSMOUTH, N. H." linen post card mailed there 1932, trivial corner & edge wear. $2.75 pmn

ShipMiliatry_USSRecruit_SanDiegoCA.jpg (327167 bytes)"U. S. NAVAL TRAINING CENTER  /  San Diego, Calif." showing a dry-land training destroyer escort, the USS RECRUIT (TDE-1); chrome post card from booklet, mailed 1963, minor corner wear, unusual subject matter. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 s(m)cm(n)

RI_Newport_ShamBattle_small.jpg (3262 bytes)
"U. S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION. SHAM BATTLE, NEWPORT, R. J." J for I in caption (presumably not printed again), color from Bosselman, undivided back, light toning near some edges. $4.75 (rbm)+

"U. S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION / SOUTH DRILL FIELD, U. S. S. CONSTELLATION AT WHARF, NEWPORT, R. I." mailed 1934, soft corners, cancel ink on front. $2.00

Zeppelin_img027_small.jpg military card available from LotsOfCards.com

"U.S. NAVY  L / U.S. NAVY  G / U.S. NAVY  K / U.S. NAVY  M" / PROPORTIONALLY IN SCALE" black & white card with extensive details about quantities built, dates & purposes of each of these types of non-rigid ships all over the back. $16.00 zm(n)a(m)

Zeppelin_USNavyMetal-200_small.jpg Naval postcards available from Judnick.com"U. S. NAVY METAL-CLAD AIRSHIP, NAVAL AIR STATION, LAKEHURST, N. J." showing ZMC-2 near its hangar, unused white-border era postcard published for Happy Landings Canteen in Lakehurst. Rare: when we searched the Internet we found no offers, no exhibits, nor any recorded prior sales. $40.00 znm

"U. S. NAVY PIER -- NAVAL STATION / NEWPORT, R. I." unused chrome postcard, good edges. $1.50 rm(n)

Ship_Independence_MareIslandCalifornia_small.jpg (3439 bytes)

"U. S. TRAINING SHIP 'INDEPENDENCE' MARE ISLAND NAVY YARD, CAL." post card mailed 1907, stamp removed, 2 corner creases, edge wear. $6.50 (cms)

"View of U. S. Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va." in color, from the Illustrated Postal Card Company, mailed AUG 21 1907 with 1-c Franklin stamp from the Exposition Statio(n) there, receiving mark the next day at Pomeroy Ohio, corner wear & rounding, partial cancel in sky, 3 / 8" tear at bottom edge closes well, paper browning evenly on back with age, a few tiny spots of toning in back message area. $5.00 vm(n)-e

Mutoscope_WhoSaidAnchors-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

WHO SAID ANCHORS AWAY?" Munson art, long crease, minor edge wear. $4.00
mam(n). A better example, with minor corner wear, no crease & a shallow linear 1/4" surface abrasion in the upper left front. $5.00 mam(n). Even better, with only trivial wear at the top & bottom edge. $6.00 mam(n)

"WILLOW GROVE NAVAL AIR STATION / HORSHAM, PA." showing a roadside exhibit of captured Japanese and German World War II aircraft, unused early chrome post card, toned back, light toning on front. $2.00 pm

Mutoscope_WouldntIMake-200_small.jpg Naval pin-ups available from Judnick Postcards

WOULDN'T I MAKE A GOOD PETTY OFFICER?" signed Zoe Mozert art on a Mutoscope arcade card,heavily toned back possibly from album contact. $6.00 mm(n)pa. A better example in excellent condition. Shown. $7.50 pmm(n)a

  Zeppelin_img026_small.jpg Naval card available from Judnick.com  "ZSG-4 ... / ZS2G-1 ... / ZPG-2W ... / ZPG-3W" all shown with U.S. NAVY insignia in the empennage configuration, black & white card with extensive details about quantities built, dates & purposes of each of these types of non-rigid ships all over the back. $16.00 zm(n)a(m) NEW / NOVA / NOU

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